ThermGard Pool Covers


Covering the World's Greatest Pools

ThermGard®, a division of Universal Filtration, Inc., manufactures some of the finest pool covers and storage reels in the industry.

Saves Money

Pools lose energy. That is a fact. Evaporation is the largest source of energy loss. When the air temperature drops below your pool’s temperature, heat is evaporating away.

What can be done? The U.S. Department of Energy says it best: “Currently, the most effective method of controlling evaporation is to cover the pool…” This translates to energy savings of 60 to 80 percent.

A ThermGard® Insulated Swimming Pool Cover system by Universal Filtration will save you money.

Quality Fabric

The heart of a pool cover system is the fabric. ThermGard® uses a seven-layer, custom-laminated polyethylene to provide the optimum in insulation and durability.

Standard and Deluxe grade pool covers are available to fit every budget.

Double Pool Cover Reel

Quality Construction

ThermGard® Standard and Deluxe Insulated Swimming Pool Covers are the culmination of over 20 years of pool cover manufacturing experience. Over a dozen different materials are used to construct a single cover. Each raw material is of the highest quality available.

Covers are custom made to insure fits. Cutouts for ladders, handrails, slides, and other water features are included. A choice of edging is available to offer wind resistance, if necessary. Lock stitching is used throughout each cover.

ThermGard® covers are backed by a factory warranty.

Convenient Storage

A cover saves money only when used. This requires a strong and convenient storage system. Universal Filtration Storage Reels are specifically designed and engineered for cover handling ease. Reels are available in single, double, and triple winding tube configurations.

There is a Universal Filtration reel just right for your ThermGard® pool cover.

Strength and Beauty

Each reel is constructed entirely of grade 304 Stainless Steel – every foot of tubing, every nut and bolt. Round, polished tubing blends with our other deck equipment.

Universal Filtration reels look as good as they work.

ThermGard® Product Brochure

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